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outside the walls: Non-Asylum Inkings

So I'll admit it, there are films not produced by The Asylum. There always have been, always will be. These glasses I wear are not rose-colored. They are clear, and occasionally smudged with fingerprints. A sampling of non-Asylum films due soon and news that might spark the interest of Asylum fans. Just remember, Sweet 'n Low ain't Sugar.

Today's installment features two new films out on DVD today that might be a nice balance with the lascivious and gut-busting hilarity of MILF.

This tense supernatural thriller starring future contender for sexiest woman alive Jessica Lowndes and former "O.C."er Ryan Donowho concerns a young woman, Lowndes, who years after losing her mom to an amateur aviation accident, takes off with four friends for a Coldplay concert (really? in 2010? huh.) via a twin engine plane she - as a hot teenager - is going to pilot. I'm pretty sure every pitch at the Lifetime network starts a little like this, though the Lovecraftian element I bet they leave out. Oops. Did I say "Lovecraftian element?" I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to our flight, our fivesome: the catch? Well, maybe that's something else you should discover for yourself. Needless to say, our anthemic-piano-rock-lovin' teens take off (literally) and that's when the fun starts, for us, at least. When they encounter a storm bank, our pilot, who isn't instrument rated - meaning she can't fly through clouds - has to climb above the storm, a.k.a. she has to gain altitude. A glitch in the tail prevents her from being able to level off again, meaning the plane can't stop gaining altitude. So they're constantly climbing into this dark cloud it from your local independent video store and see for yourself. End result: awesome, taut supernatural thriller with classic elements and a modern payoff.

P.S. watch out for that last half hour; it's a doooooooooooozy

Lake Placid 3
I've already reviewed this one, directed by Asylum-mainstay and COMMITTED-favorite Griff Furst, so nothing more to add here, other than to say it hits shelves today, so check it out if you're in the mood for comedy and horror. Just horror? Try the above. Just comedy? There's no other choice this week but MILF. Bon observation!


  1. I knew I recognized the "Altitude" name...Here's an interview of the director, Kaare Andrews, a comic book artist, where he talks more the film (plus comic stuff as well). 2 parts.

  2. nice to hear from you again, CH...thanks for the link!