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COMMITTED Helps Foster New Talent

Okay, so maybe the headline is a little overblown, but I discovered last night that actress Jamie Bernadette (MILF) has just set up a new website that features a quote from yours truly! I had some kind words for the lovely and talented Ms. Bernadette following her performance as the non-MILF beauty in MILF, and lo and behold there they are for all the internet to see! Me and Ulli Lommel! So, kind of a big day around here...

In all seriousness, Ms. Bernadette is a wonderful young actress with a lot of promise, and, if COMMITTED's traffic sources are to be believed, quite popular on Google images with the fellas. And who knows? Maybe when she wins her Oscar she'll give a shout-out to the little blog that gave her props when she was just starting out; stranger speeches have been given.

Until then, check out the site and show Jamie some love. Maybe if we send enough traffic her way, she'll do an interview! 

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