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inmate profile: Anthony Fankhauser

With a little time off between new releases, I thought we'd throw a profile to a guy I should've profiled last fall upon the release of his intensely-directed, polarizing 8213 Gacy House. I am, of course, talking about writer/director Anthony Fankhauser.

From the deets on his IMDB profile, Mr. Fankhauser started with The Asylum in 2006 as a line producer (the guy who, from what I understand, manages pretty much everything on location, including the budget). For the next three years he served in that capacity - meanwhile releasing his writing/directing debut, the non-Asylum Tsunami Beach Club - on such films as Snakes on a Train, Halloween Night, Freakshow, Allan Quatermain...,100 Million B.C., Journey to the Center of the Earth, Merlin and the War of Dragons and The Day the Earth Stopped, before finally getting a chance to assume a creative role and write and direct his own feature, 2012: Supernova. From there he would produce another nine Asylum films in two years, as well as write and direct Gacy House.

Though IMDB charts his involvement with The Asylum through MILF, released just after Gacy House, as of yet there's nothing else on which they seem to be collaborating. Mr. Fankhauser, is, of course, keeping busy in the meantime, writing and directing the horror film/Judd Nelson vehicle Shadow People (poster to the left there), as well as producing the fantasy film Jabberwocky, directed by Steven R. Monroe, the guy who recently updated I Spit on Your Grave. You can check out stills from that over at one of my favorite sites, Dread Central, or for a quicker reason you'll be watching this, take a look here, or here, or here, at one of the film's stars, Kacey (Lake Placid 3) Barnfield.

So while there's no word or indication of Mr. Fankhauser's next association with our favorite independent studio, we fans can at least delight in the fact that he continues to work. And besides, with still a few to a handful of Asylum films yet to be announced for release in the second half of this year, there could just be another Fankhauser film on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

Mr. Fankhauser, consider yourself saluted.


  1. "Old Lady Johnsen", SHADOW PEOPLE, salutes Anthony too!

  2. anthony fankhauser is so awesome. i just recently was an extra in a film he just filmed in livingston and bozeman montana called cowboys vs dinosaurs. looking so forward to when it is shown on scyfi and on dvd.