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observation notes: Celebrity Sex Tape

The Asylum has really been upping their game in terms of sex comedies over the last few years, and by upping their game, I of course mean getting dirtier and dirtier. And continuing that tradition is Celebrity Sex Tape, the newest film from MILF director Scott Wheeler. 

The set-up is simple enough: two college guys manage an invite to a saucy party where one of the dudes bangs a washed-up actress while the other dude films it on his phone. That video gets leaked online and goes viral practically overnight. When money problems work themselves into the scenario, what else are the guys to do other than join up with their friends and start marking porn?

In a genre where story isn't so much of an issue, the writers of CST manage to pull off a believable while fantastical plot, a real wet dream come true. My only complaint would be that it took seven minutes before we saw any actual nudity, but it was well-conceived and wildly-inventive, so totally worth the wait. Another plus: easily the coolest opening credit sequence in Asylum history.

Leads Jack Cullison (also the lead in MILF) and Jonathan Brett are well-matched and play to each others' strengths, Cullison an utterly likable everyguy and Brett the perfect slacker foil. Supporting players Colbert Alembert, Howard Cai and Andre Meadows round out a thoroughly funny cast. And then of course there are the ladies, including the hilarious Amanda Ward as the titular celebrity and the delightfully prudish Julie Barzman as Cullison's abstinent girlfriend, among many, many, many naked others.

All in all then, if you're looking for a raunchy, inventive and ridiculously lewd sex comedy, Celebrity Sex Tape will deliver the goods and then some. It's probably the raunchiest Asylum film to date. Consider the following NSFW exchange:

"I can't breathe!"
"My pussy's got all the oxygen you need!"

Nuff said, methinks.

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