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A Few New Posters From Upcoming Asylum Flicks

Now, while these posters for upcoming Asylum projects Super Cyclone, Haunting of Whaley House and Golden Winter (yep, we finally know what this one is about...wait for it) haven't been officially released on The Asylum's site, they have turned up on the various DVD-distribution sites my other job - video store ninja - has me frequent. Check 'em out:

Super Cyclone stars AnnaMaria DeMara, Ming Na Wen and Nick Turturro, and is currently slated for an August 28 release.

This one - from Netflix - is a little small, but belongs to The Haunting of Whaley House from writer/director Jose Prendes. The film is out July 31st.

And now the coup de grace, the revelation of the oh-so mysteriously-titled Golden Winter. Regular Committed readers might remember my earlier speculations that the film could be some sort of solar-disaster flick, or perhaps a raunchy sex farce, but once again, The Asylum has defied expectations:

 Aw yeah, The Asylum's mockbusting Snow Buddies. This is gonna be AWESOME. Still no cast or crew details for this one, but it looks like we can expect this one in time for the holidays.

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