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Cool and Creepy News Involving Exorcism Tapes

This is right creepy stuff here: Anneliese Michel - the young German girl who was the inspiration for The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which, in turn, was the inspiration for The Asylum's Possession: The Exorcism of Gail Bowers - was apparently filmed while undergoing the exorcisms that would in the end kill her. 

While looking for these tapes, Asylum writer/director/partner Paul Bales discovered that they had already been sold to someone. Rats! right? Wrong: that someone was sometime Asylum actor and Looney-Award-Winner Jude Gerard Prest.

So, after some back room deals, everyone got together and decided the most prudent thing to do is team up and get this footage onto DVD as soon as possible: March freakin' 1st, 2011. That's right, less than two weeks from now this footage will be available thanks to Mr. Prest and The Asylum. 

I saw Emily Rose in the theater, and afterwards became very transfixed on the story of young, unfortunate Miss Michel. This footage, if it's real, could be nothing short of amazing. No doubt there will be some who might assume this is another publicity stunt for an as-yet-unannounced found-footage horror film. Yes, it kind of ties in with the feel and production of The Last Exorcism, but that wave crashed months ago and besides, as Mr. Bales himself mentioned, they've already mockbusted this. Real or not, I think this is an interesting variation on found-footage filmmaking and another great possible direction for The Asylum to be focusing its production energies: supernatural/parapsychological/cryptozoological documentaries.

Whatever your thoughts, all will be settled in due time: less than two weeks stand between us and the next Asylum release, their first documentary, the as-yet unnamed exorcism tapes of Anneliese Michel. Check out the official lowdown here.

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  1. Coming soon: the real "Finding Nemo" - undoctored, authentic camcorder footage taken by the real-life angelfish who travelled 7,000 miles to find his abducted son and inspired a generation.