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Asylum Star and Asylum Director Collaborate Outisde the Walls!

Special thanks to Asylum actor and fellow faithfully-committed Ed DeRuiter (The Source, Way of the Vampire, War of the Worlds, Battle of Los Angeles), who emailed this morning with details on an exciting new project just entering production featuring Committed-fave Paul Logan (MegaFault, Mega Piranha, upcoming Ballistica) - who not only stars in the film but also wrote and is producing it - entitled Blackgate. And while there's no involvement by The Asylum, it is set in one. The official synopsis:

"Blackgate Asylum houses the worst of the worst of the criminally insane. It is basically a supermax prison masquerading as a hospital. Out of the 388 patients there, most are your average, mentally disturbed individuals.  Locked up in the high security, penitentiary-style South wing are the Lifers.  All of the murderers, rapists, child molesters, serial killers and sociopaths that have been dubbed 'criminally insane' in order to avoid spending the rest of their lives on death row are now spending their lives here... They get the patients that all of the other prisons can’t handle or don’t want. There have been 38 escape attempts since they opened, none successful.  This is the most secure facility in the country...Until tonight.

Among the Lifers is Dr. Julian Sinclair, a Mensa-level genius who is also a sophisticated sociopath. Sinclair has just been dubbed “sane” by the courts and is due to be transferred to a maximum security prison and straight to death row to await execution.  Sinclair orchestrates an elaborate escape plan which begins with the release of all of the Lifers into the general population with one simple order…kill.

The Lifers make their way through the sedate area and proceed to slaughter everyone in their path. Locked in one of the holding cells, there for observations after his last case, is detective Jake Malone. Malone, unarmed, makes his way through the asylum fighting psychopath after psychopath. He rescues a young doctor, Talia and uses all his special forces training to keep them both alive and find a way to stop Sinclair’s escape plan. In this life or death game of cat and mouse Malone must use his wits, detective and fighting skills to deduce and stop this maniac’s plan before Sinclair and the rest of the killers escape."

Mr. Logan is set to play Jake Malone, the cop caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Furthermore, there's another Asylum connection, as Blackgate is being directed by Cole S. McKay, who only weeks ago finished directed Mr. Logan - as well as Jaz Martin and AnnaMaria De Mara - in 200mph. Blackgate just started pre-production, so there's not much more on this one as of yet, but jump over to the Blackgate blogspot for details as they emerge. 

And check out tipster Ed DeRuiter Saturday, March 12, 2011 in the SyFy Premiere of Battle of Los Angeles, 9pm wherever you are.

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  1. Can't wait! love you Paul. You are so fly.