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(Probably) My Last Post About Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, and I Sweeten it With SyFy Showtimes!

So, I've heard from some of you guys who weren't able to catch the world television premiere of Mega Python vs Gatoroid lamenting that while you've been able to see the film in the weeks since, you haven't been able to find the extra footage that accompanied the premiere, like the before-film red carpet interviews and the running commentary at commercial breaks. Well, I've done a little hunting (meaning I searched You Tube and Hulu), and while I wasn't able to track down the commercial-break commentary, I did manage to scrounge up the complete red carpet segment, courtesy of the evil geniuses at Hulu.

Take a look here.

You'll notice a couple of familiar faces at the premiere besides our dueling songstresses: Alan Thicke of "Growing Pains," Julie McCullough, also of "Growing Pains" and, ahem, this, Dustin "Screech" Diamond - sporting a pretty burly beard - and even a cameo from former famed-VJ Downtown Julie Brown.

So rest a little easier now, my faithfully-committed, for now you have access to media which will make for a more complete MPvG viewing experience. There's still no word on a DVD release for this one, and according to the SyFy scheduling, the next time it's slated to air is March 15th, the Ides, at 9pm. 

Speaking of SyFy, here's a gander at what Asylum films will be airing when on the network over the next two months:

2/9/11 - 3am - Frankenstein Reborn

2/13/11 - 3am - Transmorphers: Fall of Man

2/24/11 - 3am - Beast of Bray Road  
                11:30pm - Dead Men Walking

2/26/11 - 10:30am - Princess of Mars

3/1/11 - 10am - Dragonquest

3/7/11 - 8am - Beast of Bray Road

3/9/11 - 3am - I Am Omega

3/12/11 - 9pm - World Premiere Battle of Los Angeles

3/14/11 - 1pm - Journey to the Center of the Earth

3/15/11 - 5pm - Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
                9pm - Mega Python vs Gatoroid

3/19/11 - 3am - Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

3/25/11 - 2pm - 100 Million BC

3/26/11 - 11am - 100 Feet 


  1. You can't STOP the Mega Python vs Gatoroid, don't even try man.

    And have you seen Princess of Mars. That movie rules.

  2. > And have you seen Princess of Mars.
    > That movie rules.

    I love most of these titles but even I had trouble watching that one! ;)

  3. Why so many 3am time slots? :P I haven't seen Frankenstein Reborn or 100 feet, but with those times lots I'll have to wait for my netflix que to catch up.

  4. funny you mention princess of mars, mr gable, it is next on my list to watch and review. and bluskreem, what's even more remarkable is that the majority of those 3amers are Leigh Scott films. that guy's too good to be squeezed in the wee small hours.