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The MPvG Ratings Have Come In

Well, the ratings are in from Saturday night's world premiere of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid: 2.35 million viewers. Not the record-breaking 2.51 we needed, nor the outlandish 2.8 million I predicted, but this is still a more than respectable number for a cable movie, and in fact helps SyFy Saturday nights continue its six-month streak of original movies with more than two million viewers. Hopefully this streak will stay alive until the next time The Asylum gets a shot at the title, the March premiere of Battle of Los Angeles.

Now that the dust has settled from Saturday's mega-marathon and I've had time to let my impressions of the film marinate in the old brainpan, I'm feeling more assured than ever that those initial impressions were correct: this movie fucking rocked. I agree with Committed-poster Tysto that act two got a little sluggish with exposition, but act three was nothing short of spectacular, a non-stop action-fest, and both leads showcased far superior acting skills from their previous Asylum efforts. Bottom line: Naomi Selfman's script was lively, buoyant, funny, thrilling and all-around on-point, and in putting it all together, director Mary Lambert has made one of the most enjoyable films of her highly-enjoyable career. This one is a forever-favorite of mine.

So congrats to all involved for the strong showing, and even more so for the strong film. Kudos!


  1. I wonder if they'll ever do a "Battle of the Megas" movie.

    Mega Shark vs Mega Python vs Mega Pirahna vs Mega...umm...Lobster. All of it in Cancun. friend DVR'd MPvG while he was on vacation so we're gonna watch that soon. I CAN'T WAIT!

  2. One the cool things about Godzilla is how he started off as a monster destroying Tokyo and after a couple of movies started defending Tokyo against other monsters. That would be a cool thing for the Asylum to do.

    Either that or go with a courtroom drama/monster disaster....

    Tennessee vs Scopes vs Mega Ape!
    Roe vs Wade vs Slither!

  3. All in all, one of the best Asylum films yet released, thanks no doubt to the one-two punch of the Tiffany/Debbie Gibson dream team and Mary Lambert's confident hand.