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Newly Committed: Asylum Release Dates

Now that we're a little ways into the new year, we have a more definitive idea of the release dates for the first batch of 2011 Asylum films. Here's what we know:

 Battle of Los Angeles

starring Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples
written and directed by Mark Atkins

SyFy Premiere March 12 
on DVD March 22


starring Jaz Martin, AnnaMaria DeMara
written by Thunder Levin
directed by Cole McKay

on DVD April 26

 Almighty Thor  (not final poster)

starring Cody Deal, Richard Grieco, Kevin Nash
written by Eric Forsberg
directed by Christopher Ray

on DVD May 10

Ballistica   (note the tweaked poster)

starring Paul Logan, Martin Kove, Robert Davi
written by Tony Kandah and Sean Rourke
directed by Gary Jones

on DVD May 17

And that's what we have so far. Still on the docket are 2012 Ice Age, Born Bad and 2 Headed Shark Attack - all of which there's no info on right now besides the titles - but I think we can assume those are the summer/early fall films we can look forward to. And beyond that, there's bound to be another comedy, maybe a horror film for October, who knows? Rest assured I keep my eyes peeled for this stuff, and as soon as I spy details, I'll post 'em up.


  1. The output of the Asylum is phenomenal. I can't quite figure out their business model. The great majority of their films must somehow make a profit or else they'd focus on hitting with Syfy movies and other stuff that resonates with a bigger audience. But how can Ballistica make money? Don't get me wrong: you couldn't drag me away from 2-Headed Shark Attack; that's gold. But how do you sell--what? 25,000 DVDs?--with a big picture of Paul Logan and a nameless chick who does not look like she's going to get naked?

  2. the action stuff kind of boggles me too, but then again, as i think i've mentioned, i work in a very large independent video store that gets a hundred titles a week, most of them direct to DVD, and the action stuff always moves. comes down to guns, i think; dudes just like guns, and the sort of things guns can do. i don't think it would draw a million viewers if aired on TV, but for some reason anything with fire, sweaty muscles and a righteous sneer on the cover is going to move. but you're right about the chick, she does not look like the naked sort. at all.

  3. To me a pic of Paul Logan on the cover is enough to sell any movie, and I'm not kidding.

  4. Technically Ballistica isn't an Asylum picture, it's just distributed by them... And I'm guessing as a favor to Paul Logan since it's been in the can since 2009 and is only now coming out in the US. Just speculation there though.

    A lot of these sorts of action flicks wind up on the higher numbered cable channels or in international markets. Outright DVD sales aren't the only source of income (and that's rapidly diminishing), with the model shifting more towards licensing the rights to broadcasters and VOD services like Netflix.

    This will probably get lumped together with a dozen other movies and sold as a package to a network.