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Anneliese Gets a Title, Poster and Page!

We already knew The Asylum moves fast, but their latest release is taking the cake: announced only yesterday, the found-footage project centering around German girl Anneliese Michel now has an official title, a poster, and a page on The Asylum site!

The official title is: Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes, and the release date is less than two weeks away, March 1st. 

As I mentioned yesterday, the film is based upon found-footage of the actual exorcisms of Anneliese Michel, the German teen who claimed to be possessed by demons and died as a result of her exorcisms. What we have here are purported to be the actual tapes - actual, not "actual" - of portions of these exorcisms, which if that's in fact what they are, would be an amazingly skin-crawling look into this riveting and terrifying bit of history. But of course, the skeptic in me is keeping on eye on the possibility that this is just a shrewdly marketed Gacy House Redux

Either way, we're getting a new Asylum title, and sooner than we thought! Not this Tuesday but the Tuesday after, Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes will be in our greedy little hands. Praise the Lord! Oh...errr...yeah.


  1. This is a surprise. Up to this point, the Asylum hasn't really done exploitation, have they? I don't see a lot of gore or nudity or explicit language in their monster movies. Or is that their "TV-safe" line and I'm just not watching their "unrated" lines? Maybe their horror movies are really graphic and their teen comedies have lots of nudity.

  2. you might be watching the safe stuff. earlier horror films - esp. when a killer calls, the hitchhiker, etc - were pretty graphically violent, and the sex comedies have always been rife with nudity. rife, i say!

  3. Yeah, Asylum is quite known for their gore and nudity. Hell, their version of War of the Worlds has out-of-no-where nudity within the first 5 minutes :)