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Lovely Ladies of the Asylum vol. 2

I'm not a fool, gentlemen. I know what brings you here, what lures you in, coaxes your hits, some of you at least. It isn't the snarky commentary, or the breaking news, the hard-hitting interviews or deep-digging profiles, no, it's not me at all, is it? I see the keywords from my Google hits, and I know a picture of a pretty lady brings in more readers than the phrase "observation notes." 

Not that I can blame you: The Asylum employs a score of attractive and - more importantly - capable, intelligent and talented actresses well worthy of your search engine adoration. So, to gives my readers something I know they want and would never ask for, I tastefully present a pictorial tribute to some of The Asylum's beautiful leading ladies. Enjoy.

Eliza Swenson

Transmorphers - Dragon - The 9/11 Commission Report - Dracula's Curse - King of the Lost World - The Beast of Bray Road - Frankenstein Reborn

composer (!!!)
Supercroc - Dragon - The 9/11 Commission Report - Dracula's Curse - Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers

Dragon - non-Asylum Witches of Oz

Jessica Bork

Invasion of the Pod People
The Hitchhiker


Erica Duke

#1 Cheerleader Camp
Titanic II
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

Deedee Pfeiffer

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Alien vs Hunter 

Heather McComb

2012: Supernova  

Jamie Bernadette



  1. don't forget amanda barton, i loved her in dracula's curse!

  2. noted, and a guaranteed addition to a later volume! thanks!

  3. and the Princess of Mars, Traci Lords !

  4. At 56 years of age I know the difference between foolin and f``kin, and I ain't foolin, you gurls sure look good, good to her your also capable and Intelligent, nothing is more exciting than an intelligent female as far as this guy is concerned. So now that you have my attention, What's on your mind?