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outside the walls: Non-Asylum Inklings

I recognize that not all great films are made exclusively by The Asylum and that, in fact, there's a whole world of film outside these walls, some of which might actually interest Asylum fans, when they're not watching or re-watching Asylum films, of course. And, being as I'm only looking out for your viewing well-being, here's a peek at some other DVD releases this month which might satiate you between Asylum releases. But remember, as always. Sweet n' Low ain't sugar.

January 4

Demon Resurrection

The Last Exorcism


directed by Griff Furst (I Am Omega, 100 Million B.C.)
written by Leigh Scott (Transmorphers, Beast of Bray Road)

January 11th 


Funny or Die Season 1

Legion: The Final Exorcism

Piranha (not 3D on DVD)


January 18th

Death Race 2


The Virginity Hit

January 25th

Final Spawn
starring Lance Henriksen
(Pirates of Treasure Island, The DaVinci Treasure)


House of Bones
written by Leigh Scott

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