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Everybody Loves Sarah Lieving!

If there's a hotter celebrity on the planet right now, I don't want to hear about them because all of my interest is occupied following the many printed praises of The Asylum's most prolific actress, the talented and alluring Sarah Lieving. 

Yet another profile of the actress has surfaced online, this one by Josh Samford of Rogue Cinema. I was toying with the idea of trying to interview Ms. Lieving a month or so ago myself, but with all the exposure she's been getting of late (see below), I might want to wait until the heat dies down, if ever it does. Ms. Lieving looks to keep her publicity streak alive with the inevitable release of Fred Olen Ray's Super Shark, out later this year(?).

Check out the Rogue Cinema interview here, and for other recent Lieving press, check out the links below.

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