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Mega Python Director Interviewed! (not by me)

Fangoria - the king of my sorta film sites - has nabbed a major coup this morning and gotten an exclusive interview with Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (and Pet Sematery I & II) director Mary Lambert.

It's a great interview with an accomplished director offering unique insight into just how she approached something as complicated and under the public microscope of scrutiny as MPvG. Kudos to Fangoria for landing this. Attention for this movie has always been high, from the moment it was announced, but in the last couple of weeks it's really started to ramp up. 3 million viewers might not be as far-fetched as once was thought.

Do your part and tune in next Saturday night - not tomorrow, the Saturday after that - at 9p.m. for the premiere. And speaking of which (the premiere), stop back by this site mid-afternoon for another announcement about certain festivities in which you may or may not be wanting to participate.

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