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Holy Cow! Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Ann Curry in One Clip! Too...Much...Hotness...

Seriously though, NBC's Today Show - you know, the biggest freakin' deal in morning television - got a whole lot hotter than normal this morning when Mega Python vs Gatoroid stars Tiffany and Debbie Gibson popped by to promote their little film. Check out the beauty, wit and insight below.

I've already predicted 2.8 million viewers for Saturday night's premiere, but with the way things are really revving up in this last week, and considering the quality of news outlets covering it - I mean, really, I love The Asylum, you know I do, but even I was blown away to hear about this morning's coverage - it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if ratings crept closer to 3, or even 3.2 million. Only time will tell, but if the current cultural buzz is any indicator, this is going to be a - dare I say it? Oh yeah - a mega-hit for both SyFy Saturday nights and The Asylum.

T-minus five days...

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