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Check Out This Neat Asylum Montage From Director Leigh Scott!

Over on something called Vimeo, director Leigh Scott (The Beast of Bray Road, The 9/11 Commission Report, Dragon, The Hitchhiker, Hillside Cannibals, etc etc etc) has put together this awesome video montage of his time with The Asylum. Find eight minutes or so to watch a recap of the work of the most-prolific director, to date, in the Asylum's history.

And while you're there, check out his other video posts, including trailers for Cyborg Conquest and Wolvesbayne, two of his newer projects post-Asylum now in the New Release section of your favorite video store; both of which get a very high recommendation from yours truly, if that's worth anything. The next Scott-related project to fall into our hands is Quantum Apocalypse, on DVD this Tuesday, which Mr. Scott wrote and was directed by Justin The Apocalypse Jones.

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