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Asylum Lands Its Next SyFy Premiere! And Announces an AWESOME New Title!

With the premiere of Mega Python vs Gatoroid still more than 24 hours away, SyFy has announced the next slate of it's Saturday night original movies, and sure enough, there's an Asylum title in the mix.

Battle of Los Angeles, starring Kel Mitchell and Nia Peeples, is set to premiere on the network the night of March 12th, ten whole days before it appears on DVD and the same weekend Hollywood's competing project, Battle: Los Angeles, opens in theaters. Pretty smart move there, guys.

Also, in revisiting the film's home page on The Asylum's site, I noticed they had tweaked the poster a little bit since the last time I checked in. Notice how the chartreusian color scheme to the original poster (top) has been downshifted into cooler blues and the explosions have been raised to a higher level of intensity on the newer poster (bottom). It's a subtle shift, but I think it works, eliminates the Independence Day-feel of the first one (as much as that feel can be eliminated when dealing with a picture of a spacecraft over a building/skyline reducing said building/skyline to rubble with what I call a butt-laser, only shoots right below you.).

So mark your calendars now, March 12 is the day. Who knows, maybe SyFy will team this with a couple other Asylum flicks - like, say, War of the Worlds? War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave? Meteor Apocalypse? - and we'll have ourselves a bona fide Mega-Marathon Part Deus!

But in even more exciting news, there's been another project announced in the "Coming Soon" section of the Asylum's homepage, and this one has probably the greatest title ever in the history of titles:

2 Headed Shark Attack

No details yet as to what this one's about - as though you needed more than the title to conjure a rough idea - nor who the creative forces behind it will be, but thankfully it seems as though the ***SPOILER*** untimely demise of a certain other shark working for the Asylum won't be deterring the boys from upping the stakes once again. Two heads. Two heads. Oh, to get my hands on this one. No dates have been announced, nor any more info other than the name, but believe me when I tell you as soon as I know something, you will know something. Believe me.


  1. I love how they conveniently put the word "of" in really small letters next to Los Angeles. WIN!

    Two Headed Shark Attack. I'm giddy with joy already.

  2. I prefer the original poster - feels more ID4-like, however I like both since it's the same picture just different color scheme.

    And I'm just as exited for this awesome-sounding new movie as any Asylum fan, but...I'm starting to get burnt out of shark/water creature movies by them. I'd love to see them focus on other kinds of killer animals instead of just sharks, octopuses, crocosaurus', and piranhas. Give us more snakes (Snakes on a Train was awesome and they got this weekend's vs movies, but I could do with more), or maybe an animal that no would would think of like 'Mega Two-headed Racoon' or Queen Bee about giant killer bees or something.

  3. as an avid and lifelong ophidiophobic, i say the less snakes the better, but i agree that there are definitely some other markets in the animal kingdom that could be mined. that said, however, i' m a sucker for a great shark movie, and by "great" i mean "any."

  4. Sweet! Just a couple of weeks ago I claimed I was writing a screenplay for the Asylum called 5 Faces of Death: Sharktahedron. Now maybe it has a chance!

  5. I personally don't mind the aquatic animal theme. Maybe it's because I, until recently, was NOT a fan of such movies, but I've been on a huuuuuuge "killer fish" flick kick as of late (think Frankenfish, Snakehead Terror, all of the Piranha movies including the remake, Hammerhead, Spring Break Shark Attack, and, of course, the Asylum's cavalcade of carnivorous creatures).

    Regarding Battle Of Los Angeles... I am stoked. The promo stills alone have got me hooked. I am DYING to see a trailer for this. Very bummed about the change in release date though. Wasn't it originally supposed to be come out on DVD on Feb. 22? That's my b-day, man! I was going to have a big Asylum marathon and cap it off with a screening of Battle Of Los Angeles!


  6. what drugs are you guys on? gimme some!!