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whispers from another cell: News From Within The Asylum

It's a big month for The Asylum - there are two releases dropping in the next couple of weeks: Princess and the Pony (a.k.a. 1st Funny Valentine)(Jan. 25) and the SyFy original movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (Jan. 29). In the weeks to come I'll have some specific cast and crew profiles with various members of both films, but for now I thought I'd preface things with a bit of an overview for anyone who might be joining us for the first time. 

Princess and the Pony is The Asylum's first full-on foray into the realm of family-oriented filmmaking. It's true they've made a few titles under the Faith Films banner, which are somewhat more suited for children than their regular fare, though only in the same way that perhaps making children choose their own branch to be whipped with is, and there was also the G-rated Pirates of Treasure Island, but that starred Lance Henriksen, who is in no way whatsoever appropriate for children.                                                               
This then becomes the trailblazing film in what could be another brilliant marketing offshoot for the guys who never met a genre they didn't like. And it's certainly hitting all the high notes: not only is there a princess, and a pony, but the film tackles themes of peer ridicule and emotional bullying as well, and even has a carnival in it, though said carnival seems to be an evil thing, which most are, so, important lesson.

P&P stars newcomer Fiona Perry in her feature film debut as the titular princess, Bobbi Jo Lathan and Ron Hajak as the well-meaning Americans she's sent to, Bill Oberst Jr. as the conniving carnival owner and a few Asylum regulars like Debra Harrison-Lowe (MILF, Transmorphers), Johnathan Nation (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Dragonquest), Matthew Farhat (Countdown:Jerusalem, 2010 Supernova) and, in her first appearance in two years, Kim Little (Killers, Killers 2, Supercroc). Written and directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Sherlock Holmes), check out the trailer right here.

Then there's Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, the film the entire internet's been all abuzz about given that it's two stars - Debbie Gibson and Tiffany - have been the subject of tabloid fodder since their days of mall-pop stardom more than two decades ago. Yessir, everyone's so caught up in watching these two former teen-idols go at it that no one's stopping to consider the truly important question here: what the hell is a Gatoroid? 

But the big point of interest here is that MPvG - The Asylum's second SyFy original movie, the first being last year's Mega Piranha - stands to help continue an astounding streak: the last five SyFy original movies (Lake Placid 3, Sharktopus, Red: Werewolf Hunter, Triassic Attack and Ice Quake) have each garnered a premiere viewing audience of more than two million; should MPvG generate comparable numbers, the streak is kept alive. Me personally, I'm calling for 2.5 - 2.8 million viewers. People have been waiting for this particular cat fight a loooooooooong time.

MPvG is directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary I & II) from a script by Naomi Selfman (Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus), and also stars former "L.A. Law" hunk A. Martinez (returning to The Asylum after his inaugural film The Terminators) and former Monkee Mickey Dolenz, no doubt talked into the role by his daughter, Asylum-alum Amy Dolenz (2012 Apocalypse). No word on a DVD release date as of yet, but rest assured SyFy will be playing the shit out of this one for the next couple of months. Check out the four available clips over at the SyFy site.

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