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Last Chance to Merch-up Before Mega Python vs Gatoroid Premiere!!!

With only five business days to go before the Mega Python vs. Gatoroid premiere on SyFy, it's officially your last chance to get some original Asylum swag from the flick before it invades more than 3 million (fingers xed) small screens nationwide.

So whether you're Team Tiffany, Team Debbie, or just an overall enthusiast, peruse now the wide selection of t-shirts, spaghetti tanks, ringers, hoodies, track suits, mouse pads, tote bags, infant body suits, maternity t's, bibs and more, and show the world how committed you really are.

I myself have personally shopped from the Asylum store twice, most recently for the shirt on the lovely young (married) ((to me)) woman pictured above, and both times I got my stuff quick and correct. The other shirt I got I will be wearing this Saturday at the Mega-Marathon Blogfest.

That's right, I've lined up some outfits for the show. Aren't you just getting more intrigued by the day?

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  1. I am indeed intrigued. At first, I was a little bummed that your announcement wasn't some kind of breaking insider news about some fan-organized Asylum film festival or something, but as Committed has rapidly become one of my favorite blogs, I'm looking forward to reading all your Mega Python posts. Should be fun. Sadly, I'll have to check 'em out AFTER THE FACT, rather than live, as cruel fate dictates that I'll be working during the Mega Python premiere (guess I'll have to catch the encore presentation later that night). Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, as well as I'm looking forward to The Asylum (hopefully) offering more Mega Python merchandise for sale in the future (if this flick is even HALF as good as I KNOW it will be, then I simply MUST own an officially licensed print of the poster... gotta love that tagline!).