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200 MPH Details Revealed!

So The Asylum today has put up the official page for their upcoming film 200 MPH, originally subtitled Midnight Racers, but that detail hasn't seemed to make the cut here. Naturally there are no photos or a poster as of yet, but there are some tasty deets, including an official synopsis:

"After his older brother's death in a car crash, a young amateur racer is plunged into the harrowing world of illegal street racing, risking his life as he races with a vengeance."

We also get some info on the cast and crew, but this one is looking to be made largely by unknowns, so there isn't a lot of info to go around. But here's what I got:
  • director Cole McCay - if it's the right guy, IMDB lists his sole credit as stunts on Columbus Day.
  • written by Thunder Levin - Mutant Vampire Zombies from the 'Hood!
  • starring Jaz Martin (upcoming The Shattering), AnnaMaria DeMara (one episode of "Nip/Tuck," upcoming Havana Heat with Joey Lawrence and Peta Wilson), Darren Thomas (again, if I got the right guy, upcoming remake of H.G.Wells' Food of the Gods and Welcome to the Jungle) and Hennely Jimenez (who is a mystery to IMDB. I'll see what I can find later.)

The only other info we have on this one is that it hits the asphalt April 26 of this year, and that it probably isn't a sequel to Street Racer like I at one time postulated. Unless it's a sequel like Tokyo Drift is a sequel. Only time will tell.

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