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Happy Six-Month Anniversary to COMMITTED!

Just like the title hints, this Sunday will mark COMMITTED's six-month anniversary, and I just wanted to take a post to say thanks to everybody who's been stopping by, reading my inane ramblings, and even commenting on occasion. The genesis of this blog was my simple and enthusiastic appreciation for the films of The Asylum - both those good and those not-as-good - the philosophy behind their business approach and the creative talent they employ, and I wanted to share this enthusiasm with complete strangers worldwide, just to see what happened. And the honest to god truth is, more than 27,000 hits later, I'm enjoying this and The Asylum more than ever. So thanks again, gang, for a couple of things, I guess, and I hope you're having as much fun reading my posts as I am writing them. That's the whole point, right?



  1. Congratulations! I just passed my 6 month mark as well. It's kinda're not entirely sure just how much you can talk about movies when you get started but after a few months I just CAN'T STOP. It's awesome. I look forward to hearing more of The Asylum.

    And I'm hoping for another SyFy marathon. That thing was awesome.

  2. thanks bud! you're exactly right - movie blogging is crack to me, and i'm always fiending. and it's not quite a marathon, but i am planning another live event for the premiere of battle of los angeles on syfy. details to come!