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RISE OF THE ZOMBIES on Syfy Tonight!!

The Asylum's latest teaming with the Syfy has produced the network's newest Original Movie, Rise of the Zombies, which makes its World Premiere tonight at 9 p.m.

The film - the trailer for which you can catch here - comes from director Nick Lyon (Zombie Apocalypse) and starts Mariel Hemingway, Levar Burton, and Danny Trejo, as well as a spattering of Asylum vets. It's a film about which the New York Times says - yes, that New York Times - "Some of the zombie-killing and people-munching scenes make the AMC series “The Walking Dead” look genteel by comparison." Ummm....yeah, totally watching this one.

If you're the tweetin' type, follow @theasylumcc and @Syfy for live commentary by cast an crew during the EST premiere, 6 pm on the West Coast. Just use #Riseofthezombies to join the fun.


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