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Time Again for the Asylum's Toys For Tots Toy Drive!

If it's the holiday season, that means it's time to roll up our sleeves, give thanks for what we have, and reach out to those who have less, starting with the most important people out there, the children.

Each year The Asylum holds a massive toy drive in support of the U.S. Marine Corps' Toys For Tots program, and this time, the studio's looking to rake in the biggest haul ever, with our help, of course. Here's the info straight from the man himself, producer David Michael Latt:


The holidays are right around the corner -- and you know what that means -- 

Our Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive!!!!

What is T4T?: A charity founded by the US Marines that gives toys to less fortunate kids under 12 during the holidays.  And this year that's going to include victims of Hurricane Sandy.  

...and all we need is 1 (or more) Unwrapped New Toy.  So easy -- and tax deducible! 

Mail it, or drop it off by December 5.  (And if you drop it off, I'd love to say Thank You in person!)

And even though I know you don't need the incentive...the person(s) who brings in the most toys will get their choice of an Asylum DVD and a 15 Year Anniversary Shirt (while supplies last).  

Here's what you need to do:
-Find a toy.
-Don't wrap it!
-Mail it, or drop it off to:

Santa Elf
c/o The Asylum
72 East Palm Ave.
Burbank, CA. 91502

All toys must be received at the office by December 5, 2012.

Good Toys:
-Anything that doesn't require batteries
-Nothing wrapped
-Lots of little toys are better than 1 big toy

Bad Toys:
-Lint balls
-Romney/Ryan for 2012 Signs"

Last year saw an amazing amount of contributions, which means that the pressure's on this year to provide even more kids with an even merrier Christmas. The way I figure it, since The Asylum keeps putting out bigger and better films each year, we can match their output with a greater showing of support. 

So like the man says, let's round up some toys, get them to The Asylum by December 5th, and spread the word on all our social media outlets, tell passers-by on the street, post flyer, skywrite - whatever it takes to get the word out. 


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