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inmate profile: Sherilyn Fenn

Continuing Committed's spotlighting of the talent behind the upcoming SyFy-Asylum joint awesomeness Bigfoot, we turn now to one of the loveliest actresses to ever grace the screen, Sherilyn Fenn.

Born in the Motor City, Ms. Fenn began acting in the mid-80's in films like the gender-bending comedy Just One of the Guys, supernatural biker movie The Wraith with Sir Charlie Sheen, skateboard drama Thrashin' opposite Josh Brolin, and the genre classic Zombie High with Virginia Madsen and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. 

These projects led to Fenn's most widely-admired role, that of the sultry, sweetly devilish and darkly innocent Audrey Horne on David Lynch's cultural masterpiece, "Twin Peaks." There are femme fatales, and then there are Femme Fatales, and then there is Audrey Horne. Best good-girl-going-bad in TV history, hands down, and Ms. Fenn played her with subtly vivacious aplomb.

Behold, the reason I smoked as a teenager.
After ABC executives fucked up the greatest thing ever going on TV and cancelled "Twin Peaks," Ms. Fenn continued to work steadily in films and television, including Ruby, Of Mice and Men, Boxing Helena for Lynch's daughter Jennifer, "Tales From the Crypt," "Friends," "Rude Awakening," "Dawson's Creek," The United States of Leland, "Gilmore Girls" and scores more.

And add now to her esteemed resume Bigfoot, destined to be the pinnacle of the genre, and another jewel in her crown. Watch her sparkle this Saturday night at 9 o'clock on SyFy when Bigfoot kicks your ass.

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  1. Nice. I have always loved her. Been obsessed with Twin Peaks forever and The Wraith and Boxing Helena are excellent. She was awesome in the Twin Peaks episode of Psych if you haven't seen it. So stoked for Bigfoot.