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SHARK WEEK Gets a SyFy Premiere!!!!

In a tidbit that rivals the invention of fire as the greatest news ever, SyFy announced their lineup of Saturday Night Movies for the month of August, and they're going to be kicking things off on the 4th at 9 p.m. with the World Premiere of The Asylum's latest shark-saga, Shark Week. This news is especially thrilling to me, as I wrote the daggum thing.

This is not from the movie; it is, however, quite cool.

The film - which stars the venerable Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy, Patriot Games) and the versatile Yancy Butler (Witchblade, Lake Placid 3 & 4) - is directed by Christopher Olen-Ray, and marks his third shark film for the studio, behind Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus  and 2-Headed Shark Attack, which I also had the honor of scripting. No poster, production stills, trailer or additional casting has been made public as of yet, but you better believe I'm refreshing various web pages every three or four minutes, all day long, just waiting. As soon as this stuff pops up, I'm gonna post the hell out of it.

To call this a happy moment would be severely understating things; I'm nauseous with glee. I'm really proud of the script and really excited to see how the film came out, and reallllllly excited I'll be watching it with a million or so others. I've already booked the bar for the viewing party. For real.

Stay tuned for details!!!


  1. Congrats, Perry! That's awesome news!!

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  4. Congratulations on your movie script. The photograph in your article is cool, but it seems to me it would be even cooler if there were a small image of a human about to be eaten by the smallest shark in the sequence of ever larger sharks.