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SDCC Reveals New Asylum Production!

One of my favorite sites, Dread Central, is sharing some awesome art they picked up at Comic Con, including the previously-seen Bigfoot poster and the Shark Week poster I showed you a couple days ago (on SyFy 8/4 @ 9pm, DVD 8/28), but the real score here is the revealing of a new Asylum production, as well as its stars!

The film, Dead Walking, is also set for a SyFy Premiere, this one on October 27th, just in time for Halloween. The films stars Mariel Hemingway (Manhattan), Levar Burton (Duh) and Danny Trejo. Yep, The Asylum landed Trejo. In a zombie movie. Oh shit is this gonna be good. One thing I can add to this story is a director. If my Facebook feed is to be trusted, Nick Lyon, director of Zombie Apocalypse, is back behind the camera for this one, and since Zombie Apocalypse was pretty damn awesome, I'd expect the same thing from Dead Walking. Hold your breath til October to find out (but don't forget Shark Week in less than three weeks!!!)


  1. Might be their worst title since I Am Omega...

  2. How is it a bad title? It's accurate to what it's about, and it's in the style of their usual mockbuster titles, which I love.