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2 New Asylum Films Revealed!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been mega-busy, but in my absence, there have been two new Asylum flicks announced, both of which sound pretty rad.

First up, there's AE: Apocalypse Earth, from writer director Thunder Levin (American Battleship Warships, upcoming Sharknado), which tells the following story: A group of refugees from Earth land on an exotic planet, where they must fight ruthless aliens to survive.

A jungle-centric sci-fi adventure is always a good time in my book - see 100 Million BC, Alien Origin et al - especially given the cast: TV Highlander Adrian Paul, returning favorite Richard Grieco (Almighty Thor), and a newcomer, Costa Rican supermodel Bali Rodriguez, seen in this photo from the film's Facebook page. 

I thought American Warships was a really tight action film, better than the piece of shit that sued it, and Levin's earlier work for the studio, writing 2010's 200MPH, was also impressive, and there's no denying the man's a mad genius just for the concept of Sharknado, let alone whatever instant masterpiece it will be, so count my hopes high indeed at the prospect of what this could be. 

Next up there's Barrio Pitfighter, a hard-brawlin' ruckus from writer/director Jose Montesinos, who directed 2011's scintillatingly-awesome Barely Legal - thank you, sir - and reads as thus: A struggling martial arts teacher must compete in an underground fight ring in order to save his brother from a crime boss and reunite with his family. 

The films stars Marco Antonio Alvarez, Dennis Ruel, and one Morgan Benoit, who's a Master of Long Fist Kung Fu according to his IMBD page, so expect some severe badassery from this flick. 

AE: Apocalypse Earth is slated for release on May 28th of this year, with Barrio Pitfighter dropping less than a month later, on June 25th. 


  1. So, the Asylum is finally moving into doing the action films they were trying to get made through the pitch system, I assume?

    Nice to see them doing a martial arts movie again. Should try and get some old power ranger actors in on it. Would be fun.

  2. Thanks for the tips on the upcoming releases...I've already set my Amazon account to alert me when they're available for pre-order.

    Thanks also for including the links, because (without them) I might've skipped over the REALLY startling bit of news...the one I'd've expected on the Asylum corporate site: BARRIO PITFIGHTER has a "Prebook Date" (which I presume is the date they need to get their orders in, for manufacturing the discs), a "Street Date" (for when the discs (or possibly VOD?) will be available to the public)...and a June 25th THEATRICAL date!!! Can lightning strike again? I will be haunting my local theater listings, in hopes that I can go to the cinemas and support Asylum once more!

    Also, a careful reading of their other 2013 releases, reveals a March 29th theatrical release date (YOW!! That's less than 4 weeks away!) for CLEAVER FAMILY REUNION. While my own cinematic preferences make me wish the title implied gory goings-on, I am still excited enough to take the train to NYC (if necessary) to see it in a proper cinema.