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AGE OF DINOSAURS Gets an Awesome Trailer!!!

Age Of Dinosaurs, the next Asylum feature from directer Joseph Lawson (Nazis at the Center of the Earth, Clash of the Empires) has at long last gotten a trailer, and man oh man does it kick ass. Check it out here.

In addition to the trailer, I've also seen the first 15 minutes of this gem (courtesy of a not-to-be-named source), and I can tell you, the first act lives up to the promise. Age of Dinosaurs was written by Hank Woon Jr. - who also penned 500 MPH Storm and contributed to the Atlantic Rim script - and stars Treat Williams (Hair, Deep Rising, Everwood), Ronny Cox (Robocop, Total Recall, Beverly Hills Cop) and Jillian Rose Reed (Awkward, My Super Pyscho Sweet 16 3). We have to wait until May 7th to see the whole film, but by the looks of the trailer, it's going to be worth the wait.


  1. That trailer looks just swell; sure to be a fun time. I'm glad I pre-ordered it!

    Thanks also for one of the links that appeared at the end of the video...a music video from Asylum!!?! It was cute! (How many references to past Asylum productions did you spot?)

    Pleasepleaseplease update us about theatrical release dates for the upcoming movies! A Cleaver Family Reunion is scheduled for this weekend, and I still haven't been able to find out if it is playing anywhere I can catch it. Surely there is a listing somewhere.

  2. Yikes! A Cleaver Family Reunion is playing at the AMC Empire 25 on 42nd Street in NYC!!! I might be able to catch it Sunday. Great to know they're able to get these films booked at a theater near Times Square...makes you proud!