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3 More Asylum FIlms Go Theatrical!!!

Following in the footsteps of last year's #HoldYourBreath, The Asylum has 3 more films on its docket slated for limited theatrical release: the comedy Cleaver Family Reunion, which hits screens on March 29th; dramatic actioner Barrio Pitfighter, the film I told you about yesterday, which premieres on June 25th; and super-rad disaster flick 100 Degrees Below Zero, which opens on April 12th.

This last one makes me RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY, as I was fortunate enough to get to write the script for it, along with Richard Schenkman (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies). I was even more stoked to find out that one of the theaters showing 100 is right here in beautiful-ish Portland, Oregon, where I reside. So get ready for some rowdy photos from that showing. 

No complete list is yet available of what theaters where will be hosting these Asylum flicks, but rest assured the second I know it, you'll know it. Viva Asylum!!!

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  1. Oh MAN! Three theatrical releases announced this year! (And one of them has your name in the credits! Woo!) Amazing news!

    None of them shows up in IMDB as having a release date set...hoping you will provide some kind of update links, so we can start checking our listings. I sure don't want to miss out on my chance to catch these rarities as they appear.

    Now, I'm also wondering: do these theatrical showings constitute some kind of risk for The Asylum? The way I have understood it, the budget is based on advance orders; does theatrical distribution simply provide a flat fee, or a percentage? I'd hate for Asylum to decrease their output, because they lost money on a distribution deal.