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First Wave of 2 Headed Shark Attack Reviews Roll In

It's only been out a few days, but already the reviews are rolling in for 2 Headed Shark Attack, and for the most part, they make me very happy (and by "very happy," I mean "over the fucking MOON"). Check them out:

Here's one from Dread Central.

Here's one from FearNET.

Here's one from the MTV Movie Blog.

Here's one from Horror News.

Here's one from Snark Critic Pop.

Here's one from Dan's Movie Report.

Here's one from Freddy in Space.

Here's one from Gutmunchers.

Here's one from Guts & Grog.

Here's one from That Horror Site.

And here's one from Rock 102 Online.

Plus, an interview with Carmen Electra from Playboy in which she discusses the film, and an interview with Gemmy, the 2 Headed Shark, from The Smoking Jacket.

I'll keep updating this post as reviews roll in, and if you guy see any I miss, link to them in the Comments below. Oh yeah, and feel free to leave your own thoughts on the film!


  1. Have not seen the movie yet but I already know I'm going to love it. Hopeing to pick it up next week.

  2. @Gable. You need it, plus I want to see a Gable review of this real bad.