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Snow White 2012: Who's the Fairest of Them All?

As I mentioned when profiling Eliza Bennett, titular star of The Asylum's next release, Grimm's Snow White, Miss Bennett is only one of four women portraying the beloved fairy tale heroine this year. Here's a look at all four, each in character. 

Eliza Bennett in Grimm's Snow White

Lily Collins in Mirror, Mirror

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman

Ginnifer Goodwin in "Once Upon a Time"

No real reason for this post, certainly not to compare The Asylum's Snow White to other folks'. I mean, there is no comparison, really. Lily Collins looks like the floor model of an animatronic domestic servant, Kristen Stewart - though this photo seems to indicate it's her best acting to date - is in armor for most of her flick like she was Snow of Arc, and Ginnifer Goodwin, bless her heart, looks like she thinks she's shooting an Herbal Essences campaign. While Eliza Bennett, on the other hand, stares into the camera with a pensive concern, as though she almost regrets the amount of whoop-ass she's going to have to unleash upon a horde of ferocious reptile creatures. No comparison, really.

Grimm's Snow White, on DVD March 13; the other ones, I'm not too sure...

1 comment:

  1. The best one is definitely Eliza Bennett.

    The fist time I heard about the Twilight protagonist was going to be Snow White, I thought "this is one of the case where the Evil Queen is surely fairest than Snow White"