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inmate profile: Scott Wheeler

With The Asylum's next release, the raunchy comedy Celebrity Sex Tape, less than two weeks away - it comes out Valentine's Day - I thought we'd take a look at the film's director, Scott Wheeler, a guy who has an extensive resume in and out of The Asylum.

Wheeler began his career in visual effects in the late 1980's, working on such projects as Xena, Space: Above and Beyond, Buffy and Millennium before segueing into films. In 2007, Wheeler became visual effects supervisor at The Asylum, a position he held for 23 films including Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha, Transmorphers and 100 Million B.C., just to name a few. In 2008 he directed for the first time: The Asylum's take on Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth; Wheeler also wrote that film's script. Journey marked the first of four films (to date) Wheeler has directed, and all for The Asylum: Journey, Transmorphers: Fall of Man, MILF and now Celebrity Sex Tape.

Bottom line, then, Celebrity Sex Tape is in the hands of a seasoned Asylum vet. And if MILF is any indication, we can expect a salacious but intelligent, horny yet heartfelt film from CST. Find out on the sweetest day of the year, February 14th, when the film hits DVD...

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