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A Look at Upcoming Asylum Films

Even for someone who follows The Asylum as closely as I do, it can be tricky keeping up with what's coming out, especially seeing as 2012 promises to be the studio's most productive to date in its 15 year history. So what I thought I'd do is rundown a list of Asylum productions already scheduled for release in the coming months. I'm quite sure by the time I publish this it will already need updating.

written by Naomi Selfman (Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Mega Python vs Gatoroid)
directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Sherlock Holmes, Princess & the Pony)

starring Jane March, Eliza Bennett, Jamie Thomas King

on DVD March 13, 2012

written & directed by Liz Adams

starring Reginald VelJohnson, Jordan Ladd, Gerald Webb

on DVD March 27, 2012

written by Paul Bales (2010 Moby Dick, Legion of the Dead)
directed by Joseph Lawson

starring Dominique Swain, Jake Busey, Josh Allen

on DVD April 24, 2012

written & directed by Thunder Levin (script 200MPH)

starring Mario Van Peebles, Carl Weathers, JoHanna Watts

on DVD May 15, 2012


Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies 

story by Richard Schenkman and Karl Hirsch & Lauren Proctor; screenplay by Richard Schenkman   

directed by Richard Schenkman

starring Bill Oberst Jr.

 at least 4 others films there have been whispers about; as soon as The Asylum drops official word on them, that word will be reprinted here, so keep coming back!


  1. Looks like a great couple of months. I hope they make it to Netflix soon.
    Still no date on ALvZ?

  2. This is going to be a great first half of the year!

    I particularly like director Rachel Lee Goldenberg - her Sherlock Holmes is my favourite Asylum movie - so Snow White will be definitely a masterpiece