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Asylum UK Distribution Deal Hints at Another New Title...

So today this article came out in which it was revealed that The Asylum has struck a deal with Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment UK to distribute at least 10 films abroad in the next year. While this is awesome, spectacular news - The Asylum's going worldwide! - the juiciest morsel here comes at the end of the article, when they say that The Asylum next goes into production in July, on a film called...wait for it...


I don't even know how this is possible, licensing-wise, and frankly I don't care. Asylum's mockbusting Peter Jackson (for the second time, counting King of the Lost World) and the results should be assuredly spectacular. No word on who's involved, but as soon as I know (i.e. as soon as The Asylum posts something somewhere) you'll know...


  1. I wonder if they are getting around the licensing by making the film about a group of Homo Floriensis (ancient hominids commonly called Hobits,) rather then Bilbo and company. Either way this is a definite buy for me.

    1. This looks like the most reasonable explanation of this.

      However, I can't wait to see the result... The Asylum mockbusting Peter Jackson sounds gorgeous!