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Time to Give Back to The Asylum

It isn't that often at all that The Asylum - instead of giving us countless of hours of entertainment every year for the last fifteen years - asks for we committed to give something back; and when they do, it's always for a great cause. For example, take their annual toy drive for Toys For Tots. Thanks to Asylum fans all over the place, last year's drive was the biggest ever for the company, and now it's time to duplicate that success for another incredibly worthy cause. To explain, I'll hand the post over to Asylum Co-Founder and Producer David Michael Latt:

"The whole Latt Family will be braving the beautiful Southern California weather to walk in this year’s Relay For Life Cancer fund raiser on May 19.

This charity hits me straight in the heart. Our family walks for my mom, sister, uncles, cousins and friends. Some lost the battle, some kicked it in the nuts. Either way, it’s a toughie. 

So every year my family walks. We remember. And we raise money – so we don’t have to walk anymore.

Please contribute. Even just $5.00. It’s tax deducible.

Just click here:

Oh! And the person that donates the most $$$ will receive my personally autographed script cover of BIGFOOT -- the upcoming Syfy premiere I produced at The Asylum that stars BARRY WILLIAMS, DANNY BONADUCE, SHERILYN FENN, ANDRE ROYO, HOWARD HESSEMAN, ALICE COOPER and directed by Academy Award nominee BRUCE DAVISON. Yes it's signed by all of them. 


David Latt  (Plus Kim, Audrey, Brady, Moise!)

P.S.: Please pass this email around! Post it, Facebook it, Tweet it, etc. I want to raise a lot of money this year!"

Once again, a truly worthy cause, one that surely has effected or will effect each of us. And though contributing is its own reward, the incentive Latt's providing - a script cover from Bigfoot autographed by the entire star-studded cast - is super motivating. Stars like that? Together? Priceless, utterly priceless, just like the gift of life, which cancer research can help provide. 

Everyone is the world wins with this one, so stop reading me and get over to the donation page and help make a difference. Then share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace, your blogs, websites and neighborhood telephone poles so that all your friends, family, ex-lovers, co-workers and casual acquaintances can join the drive.

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