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inmate profile: Dominique Swain

Actress Dominique Swain - who plays "Paige Morgan" in The Asylum's upcoming Nazis at the Center of the Earth, out April 24th - burst onto the acting scene in 1997 with her controversial turn as perhaps the most controversial female in cinema, the title character in director Adiran Lyne's Lolita. Despite critical acclaim, the film was initially banned from American cinemas because of its lurid content and Ms. Swain's age at the time, which was less than 18. However, wherever people fell on the film's subject, there was no denying a bold new talent had appeared in Hollywood in the form of Dominique Swain. 

That same year she turned in another memorable performance as the daughter of Nic Cage, or maybe John Travolta, in John Woo's Face/Off. Quickly typecast as the bad girl, Swain became a fixture in teen cult favorites like The Smokers, Tart, Happy Campers and New Best Friend. 

In recent years, however, Ms. Swain has taken on more varied and adult roles, continuing to turn in impassioned performances. Her recent standouts include Dead Mary, Stiletto, Toxic and Monte Hellman's Road to Nowhere. 

No doubt her role to remember, though, will be as whatever sort of scientist her character Paige Morgan turns out to be in Nazis at the Center of the Earth. Watch with the world when the film is made available on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD on April 24th.

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