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The Amityville Haunting Trailer is Here!

The final Asylum film of 2011 - The Amityville Haunting, on DVD (note the new date) December 27th, 2011, the same day as Zombie Apocalypse - at long last has a trailer, and it's frightening as all get out:

This is a found-footage film centered around an American family - the Bensons - who had the misfortune of moving into a house that wasn't completely uninhabited, spiritually-speaking. From the trailer, this looks to be the scariest of the found-footage projects The Asylum has distributed (Paranormal Entity, Gacy House, Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes), and is laced from start to finish with pure, unadulterated terror.

Relive for yourself the horrible fate of the Benson family - as seen via their own videotapes - in the waning days of 2011 when The Amityville Haunting finally comes to light...

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