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Could There be a MEGA SHARK 3...?

So, big news over at The Asylum site today: seems some deeply-committed, highly-motivated, forward-thinking fan (not me) has decided to establish an online petition in hopes of persuading the studio to produce a third film starring the wildly-popular Mega Shark.

Obviously, I think this is an OUTSTANDING idea, and applaud the visionary behind the petition. At press time, I was the 96th person to sign this thing, and I figure a good 50,000 or so should convince them to get the wheels rolling. So hit the site, sign the petition, then Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever else you got the crap out of this thing, and let's make Mega Shark 3 happen, or Mega Shark Cubed, as I'm calling it, with the subtitle Mega Shark vs Mega Shark vs Mega Shark; only one of several scenario-ideas I have - you better believe I want to script this one...

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  1. I don't think you did a follow-up on MS v Crocosaurus. Did you like it? I think Mega Shark Cubed: Mega Shark v Mega Shark v Mega Shark is a hilariously awesome idea.