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New Asylum Title Announced!

Though nothing's been mentioned over at The Asylum site as of yet, word came via Fangoria on Friday that everyone's favorite studio has a film in the works entitled Battleships - an obvious tie-in to next year's board-game adaptation Battleship from director Peter Berg - and it's going to be written and directed by Thunder Levin, the screenwriter of this year's 200MPH

It was Levin himself who spoke to Fangoria, and, as it's their story, rather than rehash the article I'm just gonna send you right to it: Thunder Levin talks to Fangoria

200MPH had some pretty rad action sequences, so knowing that the mind of Mr. Levin is hard at work here hints at explosive promise. No release date or anything like that at this point, but, as usual, as soon that info's made known, it'll be posted here.

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