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First Stills From Air Collision

This busy week keeps getting busier - a couple DVD releases, World TV Premieres - and now we have the first stills from The Asylum's next disaster flick, Air Collision from writer/director Liz Adams.

The film tells of a solar storm that knocks out our air traffic control systems, leading two planes on an inevitable collision course. The catch? One of those planes is Air Force One. Eep.

The film stars the incredibly awesome Reginald VelJohnson (above)(Die Hard, "Family Matters"), the beautiful Jordan Ladd, newcomer Aurora Perrineau and the always spectacular Gerald Webb, and hits DVD March 27th of next year.

I for one think these look pretty rad - but of course I do - and think things are starting to add up to a pretty fantastic feature debut for Ms. Adams. Check out the pics and decide for yourself!

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