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Crazy Is As Crazy Does: why i love the asylum

Because Hollywood doesn't make 'em like they used to.

Because sometimes I just want to watch a movie to escape, pure and simple.

Because the blockbusters take themselves a little too seriously.

Because sometimes I just want to watch people get eaten by ridiculously large marine life, long-extinct prehistoric creatures or even dentally-handicapped hill folk.

Because A-list action stars - besides Jason Statham, of course - bore me.

Because E-list actors need love too.

Because it's more fun to be scared of whatever the hell a Gatoroid is, than terrorism, ecological destruction or pandemics.

Because sometimes I want to know the effects are effects. 2012 cost me clothing.

Because The Asylum gives the people what they want - booms, blood and the occasional boob - instead of giving them heavy-handed two-hour commercials replete with body image issues and a false sense of hope.

Because of this.

Because of Tiffany.

And finally, most importantly, I love The Asylum just cuz. You can still do that.


  1. Hi... I'm from Guatemala, Central America.. I'm a assylum fan too.. I find the movies in a bootleg form in my country, but i loved them.. i tought only me like that kind of movies... even I have the 3d horror movie.. i can't remember its name... anyway, i'll keep in touch to coment movies... congratulations for your blog...

    PS. Sorry for my bad english..

  2. thanks so much for following my blog. you're number one! literally, you're my first follower. i promise to keep the Guatemalan asylum fans up to date on all the latest news!

  3. thanks.. I'll search a news report published in a local newspaper about Asylum months ago, and send it to you.. Is in spanish but is very interesting..