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observation notes: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Is this even necessary at this point? MSvGO is a phenomenon, one of the most Googled trailers of last year and the most noted film in The Asylum's stable. A confirmed sequel has already entered production (Crocosaurus, anyone?) and the film could be considered the beginning of a lucrative new branch in Debbie Gibson's career. Some of us knew about The Asylum before this; now its recognition extends beyond video store clerks, AICN trolls and Fangoria subscribers. Mega Shark made The Asylum "legit," in a public sense, and could be said to have inspired, financially, the non-Asylum mega- monster flicks you're going to hear about in the next year, like this, this, this and of course, this.

So what's left to say? If you're even here, chances are you've seen this movie more than once, so what would be the point describing the plot? Even if you hadn't seen it, the title tells you pretty much everything you need to know. There's a really big shark, an equally large octopus, and they are not happy with each other. Marine fisticuffs ensue. A plane is eaten. Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas pay their mortgages. Some nerd got to make this thing.

So this isn't a review, per se, it's a nod. I'm doing this blog, and I'm a little late to the party to get a jump on the mega-phenomenon of MSvGO, so I'm just going to say thanks, movie, for being good, and earning your creators the recognition they deserve. Long may you play.

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