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MEGA SHARK vs. CROCOSAURUS cast coming together! And what's the strange connection to SUPER SHARK?

So the internet has been fairly abuzz this week with news that Jaleel White (if the picture doesn't jog your memory, attribution won't mean a thing) has signed on as one of the leads of Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, now filming.

ESPN radio host Steve Mason, a very vocal Mega Shark fan, lobbied a small role for himself in the film, as well. Check out his story here.

Other cast members have also been revealed, including a couple familiar faces: Sarah Lieving, veteran of no less than a dozen Asylum films including Monster, Invasion of the Pod People and The Beast of Bray Road, and Dylan Vox of Titanic II. Oddly enough, both these actors are also in the non-Asylum feature Super Shark, directed by established provocateur Fred Olen Ray, slated for release around the same time. Something fishy's going....oh, even I can't finish that one.

Asylum newcomers fill the cast as well, including Richard Picardo of "Star Trek: Voyager" fame, Gary Stretch, who IMDB describes as "the glamor boy of British boxing," so, cool, and Hannah Cowley, a blonde girl.

MSvC is being directed by Christopher Ray, whose only feature before now seems to be the made-for-TV "Reptisaurus." This is where things get even weirder: Christopher Ray is the son of Fred Olen Ray. So not only are MS and Super Shark sharing actors, and a common villain, they actually share a bloodline. How's that for a scoop?

The waters get rough December 21st.

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