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IMDB Recognizes The Asylum...Kinda

I was writing up some observation notes to be released at a later date when I noticed the tab "Block Blunder" attached to the film's IMDB page. Now, I've heard "mockbuster," and I've heard that Mr. Latt prefers to refer to the films as "tie-ins" due to their always-original stories (though the context may be shared) but I've never heard of "Block Blunder." My surprise, you can imagine, when I clicked the link and found this list.

Personally - yep, I'm about to make too big a deal about this - I find the term just plain erroneous. A "blunder," I would imagine, would be something that has failed tremendously, a mistake, an error of economical proportions. Asylum films are anything but. That's why they make them - they're blunder-proof. A block blunder, I would think, would be something like Waterworld, or The Sorcerer's Apprentice, some big-budget studio film that performed well under expectations.

So what's the point, 977, you're no doubt asking yourself?

I'm not really sure. I felt indignant. I wanted to share.

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