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Is this the Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus poster? UPDATED 10/20/10

This image has been popping up in a couple places online over the last few days, accompanying articles about the new production stills from Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, which recently entered post-production. Now, The Asylum has nothing up on their site, poster-wise, and while this bears a remarkable resemblance to the Mega Shark vs. Gigantosaurus poster that went online after flirting around in Cannes this year, I'm not sure if I believe it's the real deal, and not just some photoshop tampering.

Either way, though, it's a cool design and perfectly in theme with the rest of The Asylum's artwork. So real or not, it fulfills the duty of any good poster: it gets your heart racing for the feature.

****so I was wrong, and this is the actual poster, released today, 10/20/10

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