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New Asylum Title!!!

So, my sharp eye caught something new on The Asylum homepage today, under the COMING SOON section in the bottom right corner: a new title, 1st Furry Valentine. Now, I can't find anything else with this combination of words on the internet (aside from the cute little picture below) but rest-assured as soon as there's information to be learned, I'll learn it. And share it. With you. For now, just enjoy the picture.

on the other side is a spot shaped like a fist with extended middle finger.


  1. I noticed that as well.

    Kinda curious as to what it could be about, since this IS the Asylum and they do have a certain...shall we say...eclectic sense of humor.

    So I'll start with a coupla guesses.

    1- a 'Meet the Feebles' style of romantic comedy (if you havent seen it..get a copy, honestly it's just a bit odd to describe).

    2- A werewolf in love RomCom thats an allagory about how love/lust brings out our primal instincts. Naa too cerebral..but maybe

    3-takes place in the 'Furry' culture and follows several characters as they meet and fall in love all while wearing their favorite anthropomorphic animal costumes and "yiff" each other.

    4- pet lovers meet and fall in love after their quirky 4 legged friends bring them together.

    Anyway these are the first things that came to mind the other day when I saw the title

  2. As long as this is not being made by Faith Films it has potential. My hope is that is is an Asylum romcom based on the Chevy Chase classic "Oh, Heavenly Dog".

  3. C.H. - i'm hoping for your number 2, but am wary it's most likely a number 3.

    and brian, i didn't think about the faith films angle, could be that, as could "the princess and the pony" (see above) if that s in fact an Asylum production.