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Yet Another New Asylum Title?

So, I don't know if this is news, or pertinent, or not, but on The Asylum twitter page there have been two new behind-the-scenes photos posted from a production called The Princess and the Pony. Doesn't sound like an Asylum title, unless something quite foul happens to that pony, but it's on the page, and it's billing director Rachel Goldenberg, an Asylum vet who has worked as the first assistant director on eight films, a line producer on six others, and the director of two features - Sunday School Musical and Sherlock Holmes. Check the photos out here and here; not much to look at, but if this is a new Asylum film, and it is as schoolyard/kid-oriented as the pix would posit, this could be an interesting market shift for the fine folks at our favorite production company.

P.S. And i don't mean this disrespectfully, but how old is director Rachel Goldenberg? The photos make her appear teenish. All I could find, info-wise, is this interview from the blog Undead Backbrain, conducted when Sherlock Holmes was released on DVD. So then she's not a teen, she just has incredibly youthful genes, it would appear. Good for her. She also seems to be a Sarah-Lieving-like character over at The Asylum, behind-the-scenes, that is, with a hand in everything. I smell a profile brewing.

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