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Almighty Thor Might Have A Writer

If my reading and detective skills are correct, I would deduce from recent postings on his professional Facebook page that Mega Piranha writer/director Eric Forsberg has been given the go-ahead from The Asylum to draft a shooting script for their upcoming Marvel toe-to-toer The Almighty Thor.

On the page, Forsberg notes that his "Norse Gods movie" is moving forward into the shooting script phase. Now, certainly I won't be so narrow-minded as to suggest that Thor is the only Norse God worth mentioning - Vali take my tongue if ever I do - but he is the only one with a competing film due out in the next year, so, my money's on Forsberg as the scripter on this one.

If a script's in the works, then principal photography can't be too far from starting - you know The Asylum: once the ball's rolling, it's fucking rolling. No word if Forsberg will direct as well, but here's hoping - the guy's got a great eye for action.

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  1. On Forsberg's site it now lists him as the writer on Almighty Thor for The Asylum so it's official.