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creature feature: POD PEOPLE PLANTS

Not since Little Shop of Horrors has one, innocuous plant wrought so much evil. 

I am speaking, of course, of the seemingly harmless potted plant from The Asylum's Invasion of the Pod People, a tie-in to the most recent Body Snatchers remake, Invasion starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. 

So the gist is this: alien life has come to Earth with the intent of taking over Earthling bodies, thus controlling the planet. Well how the heck are they going to do that?, you might be asking yourself (or maybe not, either way...). Via plants, of course, the most harmless and therefore unsuspected of our planet's biological inhabitants. All the aliens gotta do then is transform themselves into some regular old plant, like, say, a ginger root, then the Earthlings, with their love of feng shui, will place said plant somewhere in close proximity to themselves, like perhaps their desk at work, or a bedside table. Who doesn't like plants, after all? Who wouldn't want to punch up their living or working space with a little natural decor? Fortunately for the alien race in question here, not a single Earthling they can find.

 Once the plant is close enough to the Earthling it wants to take over, for example, a nubile young girl, then it works its alien magic to produce some kind of spore or other such smelly hoodoo that worms its way into our biology and slowly assumes control, walking around as us unbeknown to us, making us act all the fool, sinister-like, and what's worse, sometimes making us engage in lesbian threesomes with co-workers we don't even remember the next morning; it's kinda like "Red Shoe Diaries" meets Lost Highway, a sexy, malevolent fugue state. And of course, don't forget all this is merely a precursor to a complete and total takeover of the human race and this mudball we call home. 

There are loads of alien-invasion stories in cinema; this particular one has been made five times to date. When pondering how they might make their version unique, The Asylum decided to sex it up, a good move, and then involve a common houseplant, a questionable but thoroughly entertaining move.

Bottom line: don't trust gingerbread men, you don't know who that could be.

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